Take Action For Medicaid!

This week is critical for preserving and protecting the Medicaid program as we know it! The Better Care Reconciliation Act, the Senate’s Obamacare repeal and replace plan, strips Medicaid of much needed funding to provide care for our most vulnerable communities, and decimates an essential lifeline for millions across the country. The plan would lead to loss of critical home and community based services, more uninsured, which would compound current problems related to lack of coverage, and increased health care costs in an overburdened system. The Senate will vote on the bill this Thursday. Help ensure this bill does not make it to the floor for a vote! This bill will slash Medicaid funding

Questions About SSI? Special Guest Speaker July 8!

Come join us at our ASNV Office (10467 White Granite Dr) for the next Parents of Adults on the Spectrum Group Meeting! The meeting will be on Saturday, July 8 between 3-5pm with special guest Ed Zetlin, Esq. Ed will be answering questions on how to apply for SSI, eligibility, common misconceptions, and more! RSVP to director@asnv.org Ed Zetlin brings years of experience to elder and disability law. He has also taught law students and lawyers as well as having written books and articles on the rights of the elderly and disabled. He now has a solo practice in the areas of elder law, disability law, guardianship/conservatorship, public benefits, and estate planning and estate administration.

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