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You are the connection.

You are the connection!
Monthly Giving

With our online donation portal, you can choose to have a gift - no matter what size - automatically charged every month. You'll get automatic receipts, and at the end of the year, ASNV will provide a summary to you for your records. Just click here to visit our online donation page, and select the "monthly" option.


Bequests, Trusts, & Other Planned Giving

We would be honored to be named in your will or be the recipient of

a trust! Please contact our Executive Director at

to ensure that you have accurate, up to date information to include. 


Gifts of Stock, Real Estate, & Other Assets

ASNV is able to accept most assets, including gifts of stock and more.

Please contact for more details

                                                                        Give Together

                                                                        Nothing brings people together like feeling like they're making a real                                                                           difference. Whether it's friends, family, school, or workplace,                                                                                            consider  making your next donation a team effort!

Ask for Donations at Your Celebration

Every year, generous donors of all ages choose to make their

birthday, holiday, wedding, or end of life celebration more

meaningful by asking their friends and family for donations

to ASNV. We can set up a special donation page for your event


Host an Event

Want to host a fundraiser at your school, workplace, church,

or other organization? Or maybe you're already having a great event and just want some of the proceeds to go to a good cause. We'd love to help you set this up! Email for more information. 

Make a Match

Want to double your impact? Commit to giving a match for every dollar other people donate! It's your decision how much to match and when to do it; email for more information. 


                                                          Give Smarter

                                                                             We know planning and financial management are important to                                                                                       you and your family! There are several ways you can fit giving into

                                                                             your financial planning. 

Make a Pledge~Give later

Want to donate but can't do it now? We'll send you a reminder when

your pledge is due!



                                   Thank You!


Give Smarter
Give Together
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