Welcome to Virginia!

With nearly 130,000 active duty military families stationed in Virginia, and an unknown number of retired personnel,

Virginia is the second largest active duty population in the country. If you have a dependent that has special needs, you have many options and excellent resources available to make your tour here successful!

To learn more about what support services are available at your present, or next duty station, contact your EFMP coordinator to get enrolled so your family member can gain access to referrals and information about the local medical facilities.


                                    The Exceptional Family Member Program varies with each branch of the military.

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  Things to keep in mind before your dependent turns 18 years old:

We have one-stop-shopping in your search for EFMP Coordinators Nationwide.

Click on the box below for the most current information, forms and procedures.

For more information to other topics related to your PCS, click on the direct link to your next duty station:

Our Friends at POAC have compiled a wonderful list of "what to do before your dependent turns 18 years old for our Virginia families. Click below for more resources. There are sample letters to DFAS, on how to enable the Survivor Benefit Plan, Annuities to a special needs trust (SNT), and templates for special needs trusts and how to apply for "Tricare for life".

Call DFAS directly at 800-321-1080 or click on https://www.dfas.mil/retiredmilitary/provide/sbp/special-needs-trust.html for the most up to date information.

To discuss these topics or help with forms associated with benefits, please email one of our qualified volunteers, Scott Campbell,  at campbellsservices@gmail.com