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T-Shirt Design Contest Now Open!

T-Shirt Design Contest

6th Annual Autism Acceptance Walk – April 30, 2017

YOUR design could be on hundreds of t-shirts!

ASNV is holding a t-shirt contest for the design of our commemorative shirt for the 6th Annual Autism Acceptance Walk on April 30, 2017. The contest is open to all – children and adults, whether they are on the autism spectrum or not. The walk planning committee will pick 3 designs from the entries, and then an online vote will pick the winning design. The winning design will be featured on the shirts given to registered walkers.

You can create the design by hand or use a computer program to create it. Check out our Facebook page to see what our t-shirts have looked like through the years! We don’t have a particular theme, so let your imagination go and your creative juices flow!

  • Use 8 ½ in. x 11 in. paper – landscape orientation is best

  • Use markers rather than crayons

  • Use entire sheet - don’t leave a lot of “white space”

  • Make your design colorful but try to use no more than 4 different colors

  • Use crisp outlines to make the details stand out

  • Use bold colors rather than pastels

  • You can use the computer to create your design

  • Scan your design and/or save as an image file (jpg, png, jpeg or something similar)

  • You MUST include the name of the walk (“6th Annual Autism Acceptance Walk”) and the date of the walk in your design

Email completed design, saved as an image file, to

Entries due by March 15, 2017

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